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Avengers #29 - 1966 - Marvel Comic

Fair Condition - Spine and cover wear

The story is continued from the last issue.

The Avengers are unable to revive the fallen Goliath. The Wasp calls the team's usual doctor, Dr. Donald Blake, but his answering service says he's out of town. Instead, Cap calls upon an army doctor whom he worked alongside during the war, Major Carlson.

Meanwhile, the Black Widow has been brainwashed to once again be loyal to her communist masters. She is sent back to the States to destroy the Avengers.

After examining Pym, Carlson informs the team that Goliath will recover but that he must never attempt to shrink any further than his present, ten-foot height. Frustrated and feeling like a freak, Goliath storms out in anger.

The Black Widow enlists the aid of the Swordsman and Power Man to defeat the Avengers. While back at Avengers Mansion, Cap informs Hawkeye that the Black Widow has been seen by SHIELD agents alive and in the states. Hawkeye is elated, but Cap warns him that she has been brainwashed to be loyal to the Soviets; the archer doesn't care. He rushes off to find her. Concerned, Cap asks the Wasp to tail Hawkeye secretly.