Avengers #226 - 1982 - Marvel Comic - FR

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Avengers #226 - 1982 - Marvel Comic

Fair Condition - Light stains and notable creasing on cover

The Fomor have unleashed Balor, the giant one-eyed monster, on Earth's Mightiest Heroes! After Thor and She-Hulk are transported back to Avengers Mansion, only three avengers remain to fight Balor and defend the dimensional portal between Avalon and Earth! So the 12th century battle lines are drawn: Captain America, Hawkeye, the Wasp, Amergin, and the Black Knight vs. Balor and the Fomor! But which side has the Evil Eye? That's the key to victory! And in the midst of the all-out action, can Dane Whitman finally find his way back home to the 20th century? An inspiring finish for the Black Knight!