Avengers #221 - She-Hulk Joins/Hawkeye Returns - 1982 - Marvel Comic - FR

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Avengers #221 - She-Hulk Joins/Hawkeye Returns - 1982 - Marvel Comic

Fair Condition - creasing front cover, corner/spine wear

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The four active members of the Avengers decide to replenish their depleted ranks. The Wasp calls for suggestions for new members to be submitted by their next meeting.

Thor asks Jarvis’s advice on who might make for a good team member. Jarvis opines that most often, the stronger-willed, more independent heroe - those whom most would unlikely to be team players - often ended up being the best assets to the team. Based on his advice (as well as a Time magazine article he is reading) Thor seeks out Spider-Man and asks him to join. The web-spinner is flattered and promises to consider the idea, but doesn’t say yes.

Iron Man and Captain America ask Hawkeye to return to the roster, and he enthusiastically accepts.

The Wasp, wanting to add more female members to the team, hosts a luncheon for several costumed heroines. The guest list is to include the Invisible Girl (of the Fantastic Four), the Black Widow, Spider-Woman, Dazzler and She-Hulk.