Avengers #216 - 1981 - Marvel Comic - GD

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  • Avengers #216 - 1981 - Marvel Comic - GD
  • Avengers #216 - 1981 - Marvel Comic - GD


Avengers #216 - 1981 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Some edge/cover wear

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The Molecule Man has sealed off rural New Jersey with a force field as he prepares himself to devour planet Earth. He gloats after having (so the believes) killed the Avengers and the Silver Surfer. Only Tigra, who’s caved into the villain out of fear, was spared.

Outside the barriers he’s erected, the Fantastic Four have arrived in an attempt to confront him. They fail to penetrate the barrier though and he easily repels them. Afterwards, Tigra asks what he intends to do with her. Molecule Man confesses he has no interest in a girlfriend (or sex partner), but is interested in keeping Tigra as his pet cat! She acquiesces.

Unknown to the Molecule Man, the Avengers were saved by the Silver Surfer, who used his cosmic power to bore holes beneath the crushing boot for the heroes to escape through. Things still look bad though: without his armor, Iron-Man is just powerless Tony Stark, and without his hammer, Thor has reverted back to his Donald Blake persona. Nevertheless, they intend to fight against the Molecule Man, despite his amazing powers.

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