Avengers #211 - Tigra Joins The Avengers - 1981 - Marvel Comic - FR

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Avengers #211 - Tigra Joins The Avengers - 1981 - Marvel Comic

Fair Condition - Stain and crease back cover, small blue stain front cover and first 3 pages, x1 rusted staple

Continued from last issue.

Captain America decrees the Avengers must trim its active membership to just six members. He dismisses the team for the time being but informs them they will hold a meeting later in the day to discuss who will remain.

Jocasta attempts to reach out to connect with Vision, suggesting that they have a natural bond as they are both robotic in nature. The Vision rejects Jocasta’s attempts at bonding and brushes her aside to be with Wanda, leaving Jocasta feeling alone and isolated.

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