Avengers #203 - 1981 - Marvel Comic - FR

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Avengers #203 - 1981 - Marvel Comic

Fair Condition - Small stains front and back covers, rusted staples

The Avengers return home from the encounter with Ultron last issue. Thor, however, has already gone his own way. The team finds Jocasta has been revived in their absence; she regained enough cognition that she was able to talk Jarvis through the process of restoring her to full function. All that’s left to do is locate their still-missing teammates, the Beast and Wonder Man.

In fact, the two heroes in question have found themselves lost in a strange and unfamiliar neighborhood. They encounter a young girl, Juanita Lopez, who is searching for her missing brother, Hugo. Juanita tells them that bizarre creatures known colloquially as “Crawlers” have been prowling the neighborhood at night and she fears they may have kidnapped her brother.