Avengers #194 - 1980 - Marvel Comic - PR

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Avengers #194 - 1980 - Marvel Comic

Poor Condition - Two price stamps on cover and front page, cover/spine wear, missing top corner of front cover

Please See Photo For Details

Wonder Man undergoes a retinal eye scan to confirm his identity and is officially reinstated on the Avengers roster. When Wasp asks about his acting career, he confesses that his latest play was a flop. The Beast remarks that Simon likely has a hard time getting jobs with his “distinctive” non-focused eyes. But Wonder Man demonstrates that he can, through intense concentration, temporarily assume a normal-looking eye pattern. He also hints at a new ongoing acting gig, though claims it is a secret that he can’t discuss.

During the conversation, the Vision remains pensive and silent, merely staring out the window at the snowfall.

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