Avengers #189 - Classic John Byrne Cover - 1979 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Avengers #189 - Classic John Byrne Cover - 1979 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Small stains front and back covers, rusted staples

In the aftermath of the confrontation with Arsenal (see Notes below), Thor is departing once again. After bidding Jarvis farewell, he soars through the sky and narrowly misses colliding with Falcon, who is just returning to the mansion after a solo adventure.

Falcon returns to see the mansion abuzz with reservist Avengers who were called in to help with the Arsenal case. He uses the retinal scanner to verify his ID and officially return to active duty. Upon seeing Hawkeye, Sam pulls him aside and apologizes for having to replace him, but Clint will have none of it. After insulting him, Clint storms away in a huff once again.

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