Avengers #186 - First Appearance of Chthon - 1979 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Avengers #186 - First Appearance of Chthon - 1979 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Creased top corner/spine wear

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After taking a tumble, Quicksilver has awoken in the cottage of an anthropomorphic cow who apparently knows him very well. While tending to his cuts and scrapes, the bovine relates her story...and Quicksilver’s own.

Pietro’s rescuer is named Bova and she was the first of the new men created by the High Evolutionary who would become the Knights of Wundagore. Bova was created specifically to be a midwife, nursemaid, and nanny to any children in the citadel.

One winter night, a desperate and very pregnant woman came to the citadel seeking sanctuary. Her name was Magda and she was fleeing from her husband, a man who had acquired extraordinary powers but used them cruelly. Having grown afraid of him, she ran away shortly after she realized she was pregnant. Bova delivered Magda’s twin children, a boy and a girl (Pietro and Wanda). Bova recalls seeing peculiar lights in the sky on the night the twins were born. However, soon after the birth, Magda vanished. She left a note stating that if her husband ever found out about the twins, he would seek them out. Fearing his evil influence on her children, Magda instead chose to wander out into the storm and end her life rather than risk her husband discovering them.

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