Avengers #184 - Falcon Joins The Avenegers - 1979 - Marvel Comic - FR

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Avengers #184 - Falcon Joins The Avenegers - 1979 - Marvel Comic

Fair Condition - Stain at the top of the back cover, small tear top of front cover, rusted staples

Crusher Creel, the Absorbing Man, has attempted to flee to South America with an unwilling companion, the hapless store clerk Sandy Herkowitz. The Avengers (with pink-slipped member Hawkeye) have intervened to capture him. But Creel has absorbed the power of a steam engine and is now a goliath.

Ms. Marvel lands a blow on Creel, but he swats her away and she plunges into the harbor water. A concerned Beast dives in after her. Unfortunately, he can’t swim and winds up sinking.

Hawkeye and the Wasp land blows but cause Creel no damage. The Vision, however, grabs hold of Creel’s signature wrecking ball after he’s dropped it and pummels him with it. Meanwhile, Ms. Marvel emerges from the water having rescued the mortified Beast. They fly overhead and see their teammates in pitch combat with Creel.

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