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Angel: The Hollower - 2000 - Titan Books Graphic Novel TP - VG

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Angel: The Hollower - 2000 - Titan Books Graphic Novel


Very Good Condition

The tormented vampire Angel, from the hit TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel takes centre stage in this all-new graphic novel. Now starring in his own hit TV series, Angel, Buffy's hunky, undead squeeze trails an ancient horror, straight from his own blood-soaked past. The monstrous creature known as the Hollower -- the only known creature, other than the Slayer, to prey on vampires -- is at large in Sunnydale, and not even the combined powers of Buffy and Angel may enough to defeat it! Plus, more on Angel's dark and mysterious history and a guest appearance from the ever-popular Spike and Dru. One hell of a hell of a book!

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