Angel: Impressions - 2002 - Pocket Book TP - FR

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Angel: Impressions - 2002 - Pocket Book


Fair Condition - Edge/cover wear 

A new sect of demons is after one innocent human, while an imposter is taking on Angel's role and setting up shop in his place. An otherwise peaceful day at Angel Investigations is disrupted by the sudden arrival of a desperate young man with a demon at his heels. When the team destroy the monster it decomposes on the spot, leaving them no clues as to either its identity or its agenda. Nor is the young man much help -- he has already been the victim of a stolen identity scam in which someone pretending to be Angel has left him with a deep suspicion of the real thing. The ancient stone he possesses could hold some answers, but he's none too keen on handing it over for strangers to examine. Meanwhile Lorne reports a seriously bad feeling emanating from Caritas -- normally a haven where demons of all persuasions can relax -- and Angel is increasingly disturbed that someone else has borrowed his persona for purposes unknown. As things become ever weirder, is it just random chaos or is everything connected? And will the real Angel please stand up...?

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