Aliens Fan Club Merchandise Bundle - 1993 - GD

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Aliens Fan Club Merchandise Bundle - 1993

Good Condition - Some creasing on Heineken sign, writing on back of Privilege Card, some marks on back of Fan Club card

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The Aliens Fan Club (or The Aliens Fan Club), also known as The British Aliens Fan Club, was a British forum for fans of the Alien franchise founded by Simon Clarke in 1991. As the club ran, it grew in popularity, being featured in Aliens magazine and hosting 2 conventions. However, due to legal issues with 20th Century Fox, the club was eventually closed down.

Initially, the club was set up for British fans, but members began joining from countries such as Denmark, Sweden, France and Finland. UK membership cost £7 a year, while the fee for overseas members was £12. Each member would receive a plastic membership card, a welcome letter, postcard-sized Aliens pictures, stickers and various flyers for upcoming Alien-related events. Members also received the "Facehugger" newsletter containing illustrations, information and reviews of the movies, videos, comics, fan fiction, role-playing games, model kits and Alien-related merchandise. Each member was also entitled to a 20% discount on Halcyon Aliens model kits.