Action Comics Annual #1 - 2012 - DC Comic - FN

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Action Comics Annual #1 - 2012 - DC Comic

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Two weeks ago, a Doctor Abernathy was interviewing a man named Clay Ramsay in order to determine whether he would be a good candidate for the top secret Project K-Man. His reasons for wanting to be a part of the project are simple: he hates Superman. Superman left him without a home or a wife, and put him in the hospital. Since then, he had been trying to get revenge, but to no avail. He needed another way. Abernathy warned that the procedure, if successful, could make him more powerful than Superman. If it was not successful, it would likely kill him. Clay would take the risk.

Three days ago, Superman surprised Dr. John Henry Irons in his lab, while he was working on his suit of armour. At first, Irons was worried that Superman would be affected by the suit's power core and its radiation, but naturally, Superman was immune. He had come to discuss Irons' participation in the creation of the Metal-zero project, and how he had been present when Lex Luthor had tortured him. Irons assured Superman that while he had been involved, he had not understood what was planned for his work, and Superman had nothing to worry about from him.

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