Action Comics #485 - 1978 - DC Comic - GD

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Action Comics #485 - 1978 - DC Comic

Good Condition - Price stamp front cover

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En route to the laboratory of Professor Bolden to help test a new energy source, Superman is attacked by a pair of thieves using Bolden's device. The device is made from K-Iron and is very sensitive to heat while also super-heating the Man of Steel to where the vacuum of space cannot extinguish the flames surrounding him. Falling into a nearby lake, all of the water is instantly evaporated and Superman is unconscious.

While unconscious, Superman dreams of Professor Bolden's first experiment: the Kryptonite Engine. Bolden had hoped to supply cheap electricity using Green Kryptonite as a power source, but the device failed. Through failure came success as the experiment turned all Green Kryptonite on Earth into iron - thus removing a fatal weakness to the Man of Tomorrow.

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