2000 AD Prog #1351 - Includes Sealed Magic The Gathering Sampler Pack - 2003 - Rebellion Comic - FF

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2000 AD Prog #1351 - Includes Sealed Magic The Gathering Sampler Pack - 2003 - Rebellion Comic

Very Fine Condition

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Sláine » Golamh (part 2)

Tir Nan Og - the Land of the Young, deep in Celtic myth and legend. After years of wandering with his dwarven companion Ukko, barbarian warrior SLÁINE united the tribes of the Earth Goddess and became the first High King of Ireland. After ruling for seven years, he was ritually executed, and in the afterlife travelled through time, defending the Goddess in other eras. Now he has returned to his own time and kingdom, but Sláine is becoming increasingly disillusioned with the tribal council's insistence on compromise and rule-making - after an invasion by the evil sea demons Fomorians, it was the council's decision to grant the Fomorian warlord Moloch clemency and freed him. But Moloch sought revenge, and later raped and murdered Sláine's wife Niamh. Sláine tracked the Fomorian down to Albion, and now battles with him above a fiery pit...

Judge Dredd » The Satanist (part 2)

Mega-City One, 2125. Following the Great Atom War in 2070, much of planet Earth was reduced to uninhabitable radioactive hell. Vast metropolis Mega-City One rose from the nuclear ashes along the eastern seaboard of post-apocalyptic North America to house 400 million citizens. With the poisonous Black Atlantic to the east and the barren Cursed Earth to the west, people are crammed into giant citi-blocks. This urban nightmare is an overcrowded melting pot, constantly boiling over into violence. Every citizen is a potential criminal - and with unemployment endemic and boredom universal, tensions run a relentless knife-edge. Only the Judges can prevent total anarchy - empowered to dispense instant justice, there future lawman are judge, jury and executioner. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDD - he is the Law!

Strontium Dog » The Tax Dodge (part 2)

Late 22nd century. In 2125 atomic war broke out on Earth, and Britain was devastated by nuclear holocaust. With the major cities reduced to radioactive wastelands, the survivors attempted to rebuild their lives, but many were warped by the mutating effects of Strontium 90 fallout. Those unaffected by the radiation poisoning grew to fear and despise the 'mutants', and they became a victimised underclass. Unable to live or work amongst the 'norms', mutants were forced to grow up in ghettos and take the only job open to them - bounty hunting. These Search/Destroy Agents hunt criminals too dangerous for the Galactic Crime Commission. One such STRONTIUM DOG is Johnny Alpha, whose eyes can emit piercing Alpha rays and enable him to see through solid objects. Together with his norm partner Wulf Sternhammer, he's a good man in a bad galaxy...

Bec & Kawl » Pest Control (part 1)

Sharing a flat in the less-than-salubrious Swineboil Apartments, BECCY Miller and Jarrod KAWL are students at the local art college. She's a goth-chick aspiring artist with a death obsession, he's a movie geek film student, who believes he's a member of the undead. Magnets for every demonic manifestation and ectoplasmic event, they could be our last hope against the horrors of beyond - if only they could get off their arses...

Leviathan » Leviathan (part 1)

In July 1928, the biggest ocean-going vessel the world has ever seen - the LEVIATHAN - was launched from its giant dry-dock moored in the Irish Sea on its maiden voyage to New York. Housing twenty-eight thousand passengers and crew, complete with acres of parks, ballrooms, cinemas, a railway and even a zoo, the ship is more a floating city than cruise liner. But twenty years after its launch, the Leviathan still has not reached its destination...

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